furniture sliders for carpet

Furniture Sliders For Carpet – Waxman 7030 Reusable Round Super Sliders, Oatmeal, 7-Inch – Sliders for lunch

Furniture Sliders For Carpet


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furniture sliders for carpet – Waxman 7030

Waxman 7030 Reusable Round Super Sliders, Oatmeal, 7-Inch
Waxman 7030 Reusable Round Super Sliders, Oatmeal, 7-Inch
Super Sliders feature distinctive packaging and complete surface protection for your home or office. Combined with super quality, innovation and longevity for all your furniture and floor protection needs.Slides furniture easily across surfaces.Great for chairs, tables, desks and sofas

82% (>11)

Sliders for lunch

Sliders for lunch
I recently went to Montana for my sister’s wedding. My dad took us to a restaurant called The Montana Club, and I had these lovely sliders for lunch. I wish the light had been better.

PROAIM 2ft Camera Slider for sony nikon canon 5d T2i z1u

PROAIM 2ft Camera Slider for sony nikon canon 5d T2i z1u
A full featured professional & compact PROAIM™ camera slider

Provides shake-free stability & Supporting to Cameras while shooting.

The 2ft long PROAIM™ Linear Camera Slider is the quietest, smoothest and most versatile camera slider that mobilizes any motion movie camera, video camera, digital camera and any piece of equipment that can be mounted to a standard tripod stand.As you slide the camera across on the slider and take pictures, each picture is seeing the subject at a different angle.

The magnificence of the PROAIM™ Linear Camera Slider is that, it is ultra compact and convenient, and takes seconds to assemble. It is very easy to re-set your tripod into another positions and start shooting again.


* 24 Inches long slider allows gliding effects in your shots all the time with ease.
* Smooth, effortless travel where accurate camera positioning is required.
* One or two tripod mounting possible at one time. Different position for tripod mounting on slider is available.
* Made of Aluminum silver anodizing.
* Quick and easy to setup.
* The camera plate on the top of the slider has standard screw makes it compatible for all the cameras.
* Lightweight cameras can be mounted with one tripod base. Heavy cameras may need two tripod base.
* This Camera Slider is very compact and easy to carry.

furniture sliders for carpet

Magic Sliders 30916 Carpet Base Caster Cup
Use to protect floor from scratching caused by table or furniture legs. Carpet base is cushioned for added protection. Each card contains 4 pieces. No. 30916: 2 1 2″ round No. 30827: 1 3 4″ square